Random Fandom Journal

There's no accounting for taste

I'm over the age of 18. I love studying languages and linguistics. Latin and Japanese are awesome. I spend most of my computer time reading fanfiction and saving various icons and art to my computer, and shit ton of gaming. Nearly everything I do some how relates to fandom in someway or another. My fandoms are Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Fullmetal Alchemist, Firefly, Death Note, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, Sherlock Holmes (ACD canon), Sherlock (BBC modernization). I also have the odd ability to find something slashy in every book/movie. I also enjoy reading historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, physics and astrophysics/astronomy related books/articles. I consider myself to be mostly asexual. I can enjoy slash and porn, related things, but the thought of actually having sex is bizarre to me, lol. Love is love and I'm not going to get caught up on a person's gender/biological sex. Everyone is equal, no matter what.

This journal is FRIENDS ONLY!!