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Friends Only!!

Due to the recent events on LJ I have decided to make my journal friends only.  I don't have any fics or art here (fics in the future maybe), but I do some beta work and I read/leave comments on nearly everything I read (as long as it's slash).  Most everything on here is real life related; I do a lot of memes when in the mood (i.e. bored).  As long as you don't seem to be a troll or a stalker I have no problem friending anyone.  Just leave a comment here and I'll get to as soon as possible.  It's not necessary to leave your age or birth date, if you want to I won't stop you though.  Even though LJ has figured things out I am still keeping this journal flocked.

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(Deleted comment)
Yep, you already have. Thanks though.~Sophia

this whole incident is so stupid *getsallworkedupagain* Glad to see you joined snarry_art though :)

Yes indeed; no way I could resist such beautiful artwork. LJ may have figured things out though (according to the home page after you log in). It took me 2 hrs to lock my journal last night (no paid account, no neat little tool). I may put the journal back on public when I have the time to edit every entry (most need tags anyway).~Sophia

I'm thinking that too now. Well, what I choose to do won't happen for a while. I honestly don't have the urge to unlock anything right now. If people want to know me that bad then they can friend me, lol.~Sophia

WELLL HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE YOU HAVE A VERY VERY WONDERFUL DAY AND DON'T GET TOO STRESSED I've seen you've been having some ups and downs...I hope more UPS than downs!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU......(okie....I'm finished;P)


Thank you! I wasn't stressed at all today, lol; it was very good. I hope I have more ups than downs too. I hope you had a great day too!~Sophia

Um... I wrote you a birthday fic. Hope you like it! *hugs*

*waves shyly* I do so love to meet new friends, especially ones that love Teh Snarry! Would it be okay to friend you?

Sure! I too like meeting friends who love Snarry, lol.~Sophia

Let the world be united under the Snarry love, I say! ;)

Sign me up...I am so NOT feeling the changes in LJ *sigh*

Sure, added. One thing though, I don't update this journal any more, just my Insane Journal (it's hard to update two or more). This one is so I can access all the different communities I belong too and the several friends that aren't making a more to IJ.~Sophia

I also can't wait to start reading some of your Fullmetal fics.~Sophia

I stumbled upon Your comments in Watson/Holmes fiction and became interested in Your journal/links:)

Thanks for your interest. I'm happy to friend you, but despite the fact that I do read Holmes/Watson, I don't actively write in that fandom (or many fandoms for that matter). I mainly devote my time to reading and reviewing fanfiction. Also, I no longer keep this journal active since all the issues with LJ. I keep it because I still have a lot of friends over here not in the HP fandom (most of the slash section of the HP fandom is over at InsaneJournal, lol) and I also need it for various communities of which I am a part. You can find me and friend me over at IJ under the same name if you do have an Insane Journal; that journal is active. Friended!~Sophia

Happy birthday!!! \o/

And remember that "Ars longa, vita brevis" and "Vinum et musica latificant cor". Hope you'll have a great natalicius!

(The provided latin is probably giving you a headache right now, but it's hard to master a language with the help of online translation. 8D Hope you get the meaning anyway.)

Thank you! I got the meaning fine, lol. I should probably do some Latin reviewing since it's been over a month since I last looked at Latin, lol. Particular of the Latin to English translation sort (been translating from English to Latin for several months). XD Thanks again!~Sophia

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day. I don't have a big present for you, but I have a small one: It's just a little AO3 search I made for you: Torchwood fics including the Master. Hope you find something good that you haven't read before. :)

Thank you so very much! I'm going to enjoy going through the list, and reading them. Torchwood fics with the Master in them are hard to find, so I bet I haven't read a lot of these, lol. *hugs* ~Sophia

I see you on chatzy fap occasionally. Thought we should be friends. =)

Sorry, sorry, sorry! (Dang RL!) Much belatedly HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a great day!

It's no problem. You needn't have bothered. It was fine. Thank you.~Sophia

I know, but I'd like to anyway. :)

(Deleted comment)
All of my fics (all two of them) are on AO3 (SolaScientia is my username there). I am not currently looking for a beta, but thanks for the offer. I don't currently post much here at all, and as you yourself haven't made many posts, I am not currently comfortable allowing you to see my friends-only posts.

Hello! Can I be your friend? *g*

Sure! I don't post much on here anymore. I'm solascientia over on Tumblr (and I mainly just reblog random stuff (variety of fandom and other stuff) over there).

Hi, yes, I already follow you on Tumblr, I just always liked LJ's format better, it's a bit sad that so many people have moved away from it? Anyway, thank you, happy to be your friend! *g*

Ah, sorry. I'll check to make sure I'm following you on there as well. I'm happy to be your friend too. :)

I moved away from LJ when the majority of the Snarry side of the HP fandom moved away during one of LJ's many purges years back (might back been the big strikethrough purge that made us relocate to InsaneJournal). I stick to IJ for some HP stuff. I stay on LJ for Sherlock and some other fandoms and a few friends. I'm on tumblr most of the time though. I do my fic reading mostly on AO3 (and other sites and stuff). I have a bunch of works in progress that I work on at random. When any of them get to the point that I want to post them, I'll put them on AO3 and put a link to the fic on here.

Aw, thank you for going on a liking spree on my Tumblr! It's really fun to see all the notifications pop up *g*

And yes please to posting a link to your fic on LJ too? I don't always catch things like that on Tumblr, my dash is too insane for that, but on LJ I actually do read every post. I guess I'm still very old-school, but I like LJ for the diary aspect as well. It's where I keep my memories! While on Tumblr (as you saw) it's just an extravaganza of Sherlock love.

I realized that I hadn't friended you back and then I got to scrolling through, lol. I've a bunch of fics I'm working on and none of them are ready to be posted. A few long Snarry fics, but I'm not even halfway through with them and I don't like posting WIPs when I have no idea if they'll be completed. Probably because I understand the feeling of waiting months, or years, for a fic to be updated. Yeah, my Tumblr is mostly Sherlock, Hannibal, fluffy feel-good happy stuff, and the like. I do some fic hunting on LJ, but I tend to just go right to AO3 for that. I go through LJ about once a day (same for InsaneJournal), whereas I'm on Tumblr the whole day pretty much. That said, considering that LJ is pretty much owned by Russia now, I'm not sure how I feel. I worry that I'll go to get on one day and it'll have been disappeared. That's also why I don't post fics directly to LJ anymore (and really why I'm not that active on LJ beyond lurking).

Oh no, you're in WIP hell! I agree on not posting like that though, I never do it either, it doesn't seem right if you're not sure where it's going to get people involved in it yet. I like Hannibal too! Still hoping for more some day. And about LJ being owned by Russia, I'm never sure how dire it really is? I would hate to lose it though, hopefully they're not evil enough to delete a whole platform! But yeah, it's better to have a back-up in place just in case.

Yeah. For me it's very difficult to write short fics. I've managed a few, two of which are on AO3, but all of my others are very long already (18+ single-spaced pages) without even being halfway through (and they're all very plotty, lol).

I really hope we'll see the return of Hannibal in some form. I think s4 would be them on the run (getting captured at the end by Jack or someone else in the FBI), s5 might be with them back in Baltimore in the mental institution helping Clarice, and then they'd escape again and live happily ever after, lol. :D

Yeah, I'm not entirely sure, but apparently there's been some fuss about the servers being relocated. I'm not sure where they've been moved to. I know a lot of people jumped ship when whatever Russian company bought LJ a few years ago.

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